Accessory Uses and Structures.
1262.01   General regulations.
1262.02   Antennae.
1262.03   Child day care homes, Type B.
1262.04   Dog pens and dog runs.
1262.05   Fences and walls.
1262.06   Garages, multiple-family and apartment.
1262.07   Garages, single- and two-family residential.
1262.08   Heating, ventilating and air conditioning and other motorized equipment.
1262.09   Home occupations.
1262.10   Ornamental structures and greenhouses.
1262.11   Outdoor dining.
1262.12   Parking structures.
1262.13   Recreational structures.
1262.15   Storage of vehicles.
1262.16   Storage structures.
1262.17   Swimming pools and hot tubs (outdoor).
1262.18   Telephones, public.
      Accessory use defined - see P. & Z.  1211.02
      Residential occupancy standards - see HOUS.  Ch.  1411
   All accessory uses and accessory structures shall conform to the applicable requirements of this Zoning Ordinance. The provisions of this Chapter contain general regulations for Accessory Uses and Structures and additional regulations for particular Accessory Uses and Structures.