It is the intent of the city to maintain the numbers and the character of its trees; therefore, each tree lost in its public right-of-ways or public properties shall be replaced by an appropriate tree.
   (A)   Replacement trees shall measure no less than three inches in diameter as measured from six inches above the ground level.
   (B)   Trees lost by age, disease or by acts of nature shall be replaced as soon as possible under the direction of the Tree Board.
   (C)   Where a tree is lost within the public right-of-way or public property by negligent or intentional vandalism, the person, vehicle owner, or agent responsible shall be charged for the value of an equally sized replacement. If such a replacement is not available locally, the value of the tree will be computed from the State Forestry and Shade Tree "evaluation formula" and the responsible person shall be invoiced that amount to compensate for costs of removal and planting of a replacement.
(Ord. 060123-1, passed - -)