Trees located in the public street rights-of-way or otherwise on public property shall not be decorated with strings of lights placed or maintained on or within them, nor shall such trees otherwise be lighted by other types of lighting placed on or within the trees; provided, however, that during the annual holiday season lights in observance of the season may be placed on such trees, in a manner that will not harm or damage the trees, but they shall not be placed on the trees earlier than November 1 and they shall be removed from the trees not later than the following March 31; but provided further, that such lights placed on trees in the public street rights-of-way in observance of the annual holiday season may remain on the trees after March 31 if approved by the Tree Board, subject to terms and conditions imposed by the Tree Board, and if the lights are placed only on or around the tree trunk, not the crown of the tree, and if the tree will not be harmed or damaged thereby.
(Ord. 060123-1, passed - -; Am. Ord. 081222-1, passed 12-22-2008)