For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   BUILDING ENVELOPE.  The ground area of a lot or parcel of land enclosed or to be enclosed by the exterior walls or perimeter (foot print) of principal and accessory buildings, and any associated improvements including, but not limited to; pools, desks, patios, walks, tennis courts, driveways and utility services.
   DESTROY.  To remove (cut down) a protected tree or to perpetrate any intentional act of negligence which will cause a protected tree to decline or die within a period of two years. This shall include but not be limited to: damage inflicted upon the root system of a protected tree by the application of toxic substances, damage by the operation of equipment and vehicles, damage caused by excavation or fill within the drip line of a protected tree, or damage caused by alteration of natural physical conditions.
   DIAMETER BREAST HEIGHT (DBH).  A tree’s diameter in inches measured four and one-half feet above the ground.
   DRIP LINE.  An imaginary vertical line extending downward from the outermost tips of a tree’s branches to the ground.
   PROTECTED TREE.  A tree that is six inches DBH or greater in size.
   TREE.  Any self supporting woody plant growing upon the earth which usually provides one main trunk and produces a distinct head with many branches.
   TREE PROTECTION ZONE (TPZ).  The area between the line extending ten feet beyond the building envelope and the property line.
(Ord. 060123-1, passed - -)