Article I.  General Provisions
   13.01.001   County Veterinarian
   13.01.002   Animal control; duties of poundmaster; delegation of powers and duties
   13.01.003   Poundmaster authority granted to City of Hollister
   13.01.004   Failure to provide information
   13.01.005   Reporting stray animals
   13.01.006   Keeping of sheep, goats, horses, donkeys, mules, ponies, cows or other large animals
   13.01.007   Running at large prohibited
   13.01.008   Rabid animals generally
   13.01.009   [Reserved]
   13.01.010   Interference with poundmaster or law enforcement prohibited
   13.01.011   [Reserved]
   13.01.012   [Reserved]
   13.01.013   [Reserved]
   13.01.014   [Reserved]
   13.01.015   Construction of certain stables
   13.01.016   Maintenance of structures, pens, etc.
   13.01.017   [Reserved]
   13.01.018   [Reserved]
   13.01.019   [Reserved]
Article II.  Dogs
   13.01.020   Running at large prohibited
   13.01.021   Vicious or dangerous dogs and female dogs in heat
   13.01.022   [Reserved]
   13.01.023   Vaccination required
   13.01.024   Curbing dogs
   13.01.025   Noise disturbances caused by dog declared a nuisance
   13.01.026   Rabies emergencies
   13.01.027   Dangerous dogs; revocation of licenses
   13.01.028   Confinement after having twice bitten human beings; reinstatement of licenses
   13.01.029   Destruction of dogs with revoked licenses which are not properly confined
Article III.  Licenses
   13.01.030   License required; fees; term
   13.01.031   Application for license
   13.01.032   Application for "seeing eye" dog
   13.01.033   Tags
   13.01.034   Charges to be debt to the county
Article IV.  Impoundment
   13.01.035   Duty of poundmaster and law enforcement officers; registry of impounded dogs
   13.01.036   Notice of impoundment; right of redemption by owner
   13.01.037   Charges and fees
   13.01.038   Disposition of unredeemed dogs; destruction of diseased dogs
   13.01.039   [Reserved]
Article VI.  Dangerous Animals
   13.01.040   Purpose
   13.01.041   Definitions
   13.01.042   Inspection
   13.01.043   Animals at large
   13.01.044   Temporary impoundment or confinement
   13.01.045   Hearing procedures
   13.01.046   Notification and appeal
   13.01.047   Dangerous animals; disposition
   13.01.048   Transfer and training of dangerous animals
   13.01.049   Enforcement and penalties
   13.01.050   Exemptions
   Zoning, see Title 25 of this Code of Ordinances
Statutory reference:
   Authority of county relative to animals generally, see Cal. Gov’t Code §§ 25800 to 25803
   Authority of county to appoint livestock inspectors, see Cal. Food and Agriculture Code § 2126
   Regulation and licensing of dogs, see Cal. Food and Agriculture Code §§ 30501 et seq.