75.01   Scope and effect of chapter
Lights and Lamps
   75.05   When lighted lamps are required
   75.06   Clearance, identification, and side marker lamps
   75.07   Lamps on parked vehicles
   75.08   Lamps on other vehicles and equipment
   75.09   Display of amber signal lamp required for slow-moving vehicles
   75.10   Spot lamps and auxiliary driving lamps
   75.11   Special lighting equipment on rural mail delivery vehicles
   75.12   Special restrictions on lamps
   75.13   Dimming of headlamps
   75.14   Lamp or flag on projecting load
   75.15   Signal lamps and signal devices
   75.16   Additional lighting equipment permitted
   75.17   Number of driving lamps required or permitted
   75.18   Oscillating, rotating, or flashing lights; when permitted
   75.19   Operation of oscillating, rotating, or flashing lights
   75.25   Brakes
   75.26   Brake fluid
   75.30   Restriction as to tire equipment
   75.31   Sale or lease of siped or regrooved pneumatic tire
   75.32   Sale or lease of retreaded or recapped pneumatic tire
   75.33   Sale or lease of pneumatic tire without marking
   75.34   Operating condition of pneumatic tires
Glass, Windshields, and Mirrors
   75.40   Safety glazing materials in motor vehicles
   75.41   Mirrors
   75.42   Windshields must be unobstructed and equipped with wipers
Other Equipment
   75.45   Horns and warning devices
   75.46   Mufflers; prevention of noise
   75.47   Seat safety belts
   75.48   Suspension system
   75.49   Bumpers
   75.50   (Reserved)
   75.51   Video devices
   75.52   Headset receivers
   75.53   Disposal of motor vehicles bearing police markings
   75.54   Sound amplification systems in motor vehicles
Special Requirements for Second Division Vehicles
   75.60   Tractors, traction engines, and motor trucks
   75.61   Certain vehicles to carry flares or other warning devices
   75.62   Road oil vehicles; dripping on certain highways forbidden
   75.63   Reserved
   75.64   Reserved
   75.65   Reserved
   75.66   Fire apparatus; safety belts
   75.67   Overloaded school bus; liability insurance
   75.68   Operator protective frames on tractor-mower combinations
   75.69   Slow-moving vehicle emblem
   75.70   Rear fender splash guards
Special Requirements for School Buses
   75.76   Color
   75.77   Identification
   75.78   Stop signal arm
   75.79   Other vehicles not to mimic school bus
   75.80   Special lighting equipment
   75.81   Identification when school bus used for other purpose
   75.82   Seat belt for driver
   75.83   Safety equipment
   75.84   Restraining devices for passengers who are persons with disabilities
   75.85   Amber three bar clearance light
Special Requirements for Religious Organization Buses
   75.90   Color and markings
   75.91   Special lighting equipment
   Administrative warning tickets, see Ch. 42