76.01   Scope and effect of chapter
   76.02   Liability for damage to village highways, roads, streets or structures
   76.03   Width of vehicles
   76.04   Height of vehicles
   76.05   Length of vehicles
   76.06   Projecting loads on passenger vehicles
   76.07   Protruding members of vehicles
   76.08   Weight of vehicles; weight on structures
   76.09   Planking edge of a pavement
   76.10   Spilling loads prohibited
   76.11   Pushing of disabled vehicles
   76.12   Towed vehicles
   76.13   Weighing vehicles; removal of excess loads
   76.14   Temporary restrictions on highway use
   76.15   Permitting for overweight and overdimension vehicles/loads
   76.16   Designated truck routes
   76.99   Enforcement, violations and penalties
   Appendix A   Special Movement Permit
   Appendix B   Truck Route Designation and Truck Route Exclusions
   Appendix C   Template Vehicles for Maximum Overweight Permit Weights