§ 32.07 FUNCTIONS.
   The Village ESDA shall:
   (A)   Prepare and keep current a disaster emergency plan for the Village EMA;
   (B)   Interrelate with business, labor, industry, agriculture, civic and volunteer organizations and community leaders in the development of such plan;
   (C)   Prepare and distribute to all appropriate officials in written form a clear and complete statement of the emergency responsibilities of all local departments and offices and of the disaster chain of command;
   (D)   Cooperate with all other emergency management agencies;
   (E)   Establish, train and maintain such communications unit(s) as may be deemed proper by the Village Board of Trustees;
   (F)   Establish, train and maintain such other volunteer EMA units as may be deemed proper by the Coordinator or Village President to place the village in a position to promptly and efficiently respond to disaster;
   (G)   Prepare, for issuance by the Village President or Board of Trustees, resolutions, proclamations and regulations as necessary or appropriate in coping with disaster;
   (H)   Cooperate with the federal, state and county government and any public or private agency or entity in achieving any purpose of this chapter and in implementing programs for disaster prevention, preparation, response and recovery; and
   (I)   Do all other things necessary, incidental or appropriate for the implementation of this chapter.
(Prior Code, § 35.007) (Ord. 2010-037, passed 12-6-2010)