The Office Manager also has the following responsibilities.
   (A)   The Office Manager shall keep informed of all objectives and policies of the Village Board by attending all Village Board meetings unless excused, and by attending committee meetings when requested.
   (B)   The Office Manager shall keep the Village Board and relevant committees fully informed on the status of the village office and the personnel working in that department.
   (C)   The Office Manager shall make recommendations to the Village Board regarding planned projects, policy formulation and implementation, equipment and personnel needs, and plans, procedures and techniques necessary to carry out the plans, programs and directives of the Village Board.
   (D)   The Office Manager shall have exclusive supervisory authority over the personnel in the village office. Except in the absence of the Office Manager, no appointed or elected official shall have direct supervisory responsibility over such personnel; all requests for use of personnel and equipment shall be made through the Office Manager or, in the absence of the Office Manager, through the heads of the various departments.
   (E)   The Office Manager shall see to it that village equipment and personnel are not used for anything other than public purposes for projects having the approval of the Village Board. The Office Manager shall promptly report to the Board any breach or attempted breach by any village officer, employee or independent contractor of this policy.
   (F)   The Office Manager shall meet from time to time with the Village President in order to implement policies, programs and procedures mandated by the Village Board. The Office Manager shall promptly report to the Board any command or directive from the Village President which is at variance with policies, procedures and plans of the Board. Subject to the President’s powers with respect to natural disasters and other emergencies, the Office Manager shall have the privilege of seeking guidance from the Board or the relevant committee thereof before complying with any directive of the Village President which the Office Manager believes may be inconsistent with Board programs, procedures and policies.
(Prior Code, § 38.012) (Ord. 96-015, passed 5-6-1996)