The Superintendent of Public Works has the following responsibilities.
   (A)   The Superintendent shall keep informed of all objectives and policies of the Village Board by attending all Village Board meetings unless excused, and by attending committee meetings when requested.
   (B)   The Superintendent shall keep the Village President and the Village Board fully informed on the status of his or her departments and the personnel working in those departments. The Superintendent shall provide a written report of him or her and his or her Department’s activities at each regularly scheduled Village Board meeting. The Board may prescribe the format of such reports.
   (C)   The Superintendent shall make recommendations to the Village President and the Village Board regarding planned projects, policy formulation and implementation, and equipment and personnel needs.
   (D)   The Superintendent shall have primary supervisory authority over the personnel in his or her several departments. The Superintendent is responsible for the efficient operation of those departments, and the efficient allocation and scheduling of personnel and equipment in and among those departments. Except in the exercise by the Village President of his or her authority as chief executive officer of the village, or in the absence of the Superintendent, no appointed or elected official shall have direct supervisory responsibility over such personnel.
   (E)   The Superintendent shall see to it that village equipment and personnel are not used for anything other than public purposes. The Superintendent shall promptly report to the Village President and Board any breach or attempted breach by any village officer, employee or independent contractor of this policy.
   (F)   The Superintendent shall meet at least weekly with the Village President and, in addition, whenever requested by the Village President. At least weekly, the Superintendent shall contact each committee chair with jurisdiction over his or her activities to discuss the status of all pending public works projects under that committee’s jurisdiction.
(Prior Code, § 38.003) (Ord. 99-051, passed 11-5-1998)