General Provisions
   151.001   Definitions
   151.002   Scope of regulations
   151.003   Application of state law as to division of land; Council approval
   151.004   Regulating construction in flood prone areas
   151.005   Constructed buildings; street numbers
General Regulations
   151.020   Single family dwelling residence limitation; accessory uses and home occupation uses
   151.021   Height and area limitations
   151.022   Yard restrictions
   151.023   Driveway approach standards and specifications
   151.024   Driveways and curb cuts
   151.025   Minimum requirements for attached and detached garages
   151.026   Corner lot restrictions
   151.027   Miscellaneous restrictions
   151.028   Swimming pools within the village limits
   151.029   Portable residences prohibited; exceptions
   151.030   Definitions of recreational and camping equipment; storage
   151.031   Dumpsters and temporary storage facilities
Fences, Walls, Hedges, Shrubs, and Accessory Buildings and Structures
   151.040   Definitions
   151.041   Certificate of appropriateness required
   151.042   Prohibited types of fences
   151.043   Construction requirements for solid fences and walls
   151.044   Location restrictions
   151.045   Height restrictions
   151.046   Inspection and maintenance
   151.047   Communication technologies
   151.065   Planning Commission
   151.066   Application and notice
   151.067   Notice of hearing and time for consideration
   151.068   Standards for review; certificate of appropriateness
   151.069   Ordinary repair and maintenance; demolition
Variances and Appeals
   151.090   Purpose and authority
   151.091   Filing and fee
   151.092   Contents of application
   151.093   Criteria for approval
   151.094   Procedures
   151.095   No effect on existing ordinances
   151.096   Appeals
   151.110   Applicability to certificates of appropriateness already issued
   151.111   Substantial improvements; bond; compliance with regulations required
   151.999   Penalty