CHAPTER 18.164
Article I. Residential Parking
18.164.010: Amount Of Facilities Required
18.164.020: Nonconforming Uses
18.164.030: Voluntary Establishment
18.164.040: Provision Is A Continuing Obligation
18.164.050: Relocation Of Facilities
18.164.060: Parking Accessibility
18.164.070: Number Of Spaces; Minimum Requirements
18.164.080: Single-Family Residential Dwellings
18.164.090: Multiple-Family Residential Dwellings
18.164.100: Location
18.164.110: Size Of Spaces
18.164.120: Access To Street
18.164.130: Limitations And Prohibited Parking
Article II. Nonresidential Parking
18.164.140: Amount Of Facilities Required
18.164.150: Nonconforming Uses
18.164.160: Voluntary Establishment
18.164.170: Plot Plan Approval Required
18.164.180: Permit Requirements
18.164.190: Use Limitations For Required Area
18.164.200: Provision Is A Continuing Obligation
18.164.210: Applicability; Parking District Exemptions
18.164.215: In Lieu Fee To Meet Parking Requirements
18.164.220: Number Of Spaces; For Unspecified Uses
18.164.230: Classification Of Uses; Clarification Procedure
18.164.240: Number Of Spaces; Specific Uses Designated
Article III. Property Development Standards
18.164.250: Location Of Parking Facilities
18.164.260: Dimensions Of Parking Spaces
18.164.270: Access To Off Street Parking
18.164.280: Circulation Within Parking Areas
18.164.290: Restrictions For Certain Uses And Zones
18.164.300: Development And Maintenance
18.164.310: Improvements To Parking Areas
18.164.315: Alternative Improvement Standards For Accessory Public Parking Areas
18.164.320: Joint Use Agreements; Conditions
18.164.325: Adjustments To Off Street Parking Requirements For Mixed Use Projects Within Specific Plan 45, The C-3 And C-4 Districts
Article IV. Loading
18.164.330: Loading Spaces; General Requirements
18.164.340: Number Of Spaces; Specific Uses Designated
Article V. Parking Modifications For Historic Structures
18.164.410: Purpose
18.164.420: Definitions
18.164.430: Permitted Modifications
18.164.440: Effect Of Additions To Historic Structures
18.164.450: Historic And Scenic Preservation Commission And Engineering Review
18.164.460: Notice
18.164.470: Findings For Approval
18.164.480: Maintenance Of Log
18.164.490: Appeal From Planning Commission Decision