A.   Each off street parking space shall have dimensions not less than nine feet (9') in width and nineteen feet (19') in length, except parallel parking stalls which shall be a minimum of eight feet (8') in width and twenty four feet (24') in length. No part of the area of a required parking space shall be used for driveways, aisles, walkways or other required improvements.
   B.   Compact parking stalls are permitted subject to the following:
      1.   Compact stalls shall have dimensions no less than eight feet (8') in width and fifteen feet (15') in length.
      2.   Compact spaces are permitted for projects that provide more than twenty five (25) off street parking spaces. The first twenty five (25) spaces shall be standard size stalls. Twenty five percent (25%) of the remaining parking may be compact spaces.
      3.   Compact spaces shall be located away from the main building entrance and in no case shall compact spaces be permitted adjacent to any building entrance.
      4.   Compact spaces shall be designated "COMPACT" and shall be visible day and night.
      5.   Including one of the following to be determined by staff:
         a.   Compact parking spaces are permitted in areas of the city where parking does not currently meet code upon a finding by the planning commission that the use of compact parking stalls will alleviate an existing parking problem; or
         b.   Compact spaces are permitted for long term parking when there is a proportionate increase in parking lot landscaping as follows: for each proposed compact space, thirty (30) square feet of landscaping shall be provided in the parking area in addition to the minimum landscape requirements of this code. (Ord. 2068 § 1, 1989: Ord. 1000 § 40.30(B), 1955)