16.02.050: FINDINGS:
Except as otherwise provided for herein, approval of a development private proposal requiring a socioeconomic study shall occur only if the approving body for the development proposal determines that, based upon the socioeconomic study and substantial evidence in the record that the private development proposal: a) will not create unmitigated physical blight within the city or overburden public services, including, without limitation, police and fire protection services; and b) the benefit of the development proposal to the city outweighs any direct cost to the city that may result. The approving body may, however, approve a development proposal for which the socioeconomic study fails to make the required findings or determinations if the approving body finds and determines upon a four-fifths (4/5) vote of its total authorized membership that the benefits to the city from the development proposal outweigh the negative socioeconomic effects that may result. In addition to the aforesaid findings, the approving body shall, in granting approval of the development proposal, make any required findings for the particular land use applications under review. (Ord. 2557 § 2, 2003)