16.02.020: DEFINITIONS:
For purposes of this chapter, certain words and phrases are defined as set forth below:
   APPROVING BODY: The city advisory committee or commission, the city council or the city staff person with the authority to approve the application for the development proposal.
   PROJECTS INVOLVING STRUCTURES LARGER THAN FIVE THOUSAND SQUARE FEET: Does not include single-family residences, and square footage for these projects shall be calculated as follows: a) the square footage shall include all buildings, structures and any outdoor uses shown on the site plan for the development proposal, excluding parking; and b) the square footage shall be the cumulative total area of the described use. (For example, a 3,000 square foot office building that is proposed to be expanded to include an additional 2,500 square feet is subject to this section. A 4,000 square foot nursery structure that is proposed to be expanded by 500 square feet and which has outdoor storage of 1,000 square feet is subject to this section.) (Ord. 2557 § 2, 2003)