General Provisions
   153.001   Zoning ordinance published separately
   153.002   Authority and title
   153.003   Jurisdiction and purposes
   153.004   Definitions
Establishment of Districts and Zoning Map
   153.015   Establishment of districts
   153.016   District purpose
   153.017   District boundaries on map
   153.018   Official zoning map
   153.019   Interpretation of district boundaries
   153.020   Lot divided by district boundaries
General Regulations
   153.035   Application of regulations
   153.036   Street access required
   153.037   Structures required to be on lots of record
   153.038   Reduction of lot area prohibited
   153.039   Annexation
   153.040   Non-conforming structures or uses
   153.041   Non-conforming lots of record
   153.042   Temporary non-conforming uses
   153.043   Structures in minimum required yards
   153.044   Orientation of required yards
   153.045   Erection of structures only upon lots of record
   153.046   Lot coverage
   153.047   Determination of solar skyspace easement
District Regulations
   153.060   District use classifications
   153.061   R-10 Single Family Residential District uses
   153.062   R-10 Single Family Residential District regulations
   153.063   R-7 General Residential District
   153.064   R-7 General Residential District regulations
   153.065   NC Neighborhood Commercial District uses
   153.066   NC Neighborhood Commercial District regulations
   153.067   CC Core Commercial District
   153.068   CC Core Commercial District regulations
   153.069   General Commercial District uses
   153.070   GC General Commercial District regulations
   153.071   LI Light Industrial District uses
   153.072   LI Limited Industrial District regulations
   153.073   BI Basic Industrial District uses
   153.074   BI Basic Industrial District regulations
   153.075   PD Planned Development District uses
   153.076   PD Planned Development District regulations
   153.077   PD Planned Development District application and review procedures
Supplemental Regulations
   153.090   Sexually oriented businesses
   153.091   Communications tower and antenna
   153.092   Manufactured home parks
   153.093   Child day care centers
   153.094   Recreational facilities adjacent to residential uses
   153.095   Satellite dish antennae
   153.096   Bed and breakfast inns
Landscaping and Buffer Yard Regulations
   153.110   Purpose for required landscaping
   153.111   Buffer areas
   153.112   Open space landscaping requirements
   153.113   Tree protection
   153.125   Off-street parking
   153.126   Parking space requirements
   153.127   Off-street loading and unloading spaces
   153.128   Parking of recreation, commercial, and unlicensed vehicles
   153.140   General provisions
   153.141   Prohibited signs
   153.142   Signs not required permit
   153.143   Signs requiring permit
   153.155   Zoning Administrator
   153.156   Zoning permits
   153.157   Certificates of zoning compliance
   153.158   Violations
   153.170   Board of Zoning Appeals
   153.171   Powers and duties of Board of Zoning Appeals
   153.172   Appeal to circuit court
   153.185   Initiation of amendment
   153.186   Minimum district size
   153.187   Amendment procedure