A.   Application And Deposit 1 :
      1.   Any person desiring any utility service furnished by the city shall make application for the same to the city clerk.
      2.   Such application shall contain the applicant's name, address and the uses for which such utility service is desired.
      3.   Before any utility service shall be provided to an applicant therefor, such application shall be signed by the applicant and filed with the utility department, along with the required deposit.
   B.   Repair Of Leaks: In consideration of service to be given, the consumer agrees that the city shall not be responsible for damages or injury caused by escaping gas or water on consumer's side of the meter, nor for injury or damage caused by gas or water escaping from the city's lines until after the city shall be notified of the leaking gas or water by the consumer and be given a reasonable time to repair the leak. (1990 Code § 17-109)



1. See also section 8-2-2 of this title.