A.   Deposit Required: Every applicant for utility service shall make a deposit with the City Clerk in an amount to be determined by resolution passed by the City Council, and such applicant shall not be granted utility service until he has paid to the City Clerk such deposit. The deposit shall serve as a guarantee for the payment of charges for utility service and other amounts owed to the City in connection with such service. (1990 Code § 17-203)
   B.   Refund Of Deposit: Refunds of deposits made for utility service shall be made upon the termination of such utility service only after payment of all indebtedness to the City for such utility service. Application of the deposit may be made in partial or total settlement of accounts when the supply is cut off for nonpayment of the bill, or for any infraction or violation of any ordinance, rule or regulation of the City relative to utility services offered by the City. (1990 Code § 17-204)



1. See also section 8-1-9 of this title.