Chapter 2.48
*   For statutory provisions authorizing a city to establish a civil service system, see Gov. Code § 45001; for provisions concerning civil service for city employees generally, see Gov. Code § 45000 et seq.; for provisions concerning political activity of public employees, see Gov. Code § 3201 et seq.
   2.48.010   Adoption of personnel system.
   2.48.020   Definitions.
   2.48.030   City Manager designated personnel officer.
   2.48.040   Exceptions.
   2.48.050   Adoption and amendment of rules.
   2.48.060   Appointments.
   2.48.070   Probationary period.
   2.48.080   Status of present employees.
   2.48.090   Applicability of rules to certain exempt positions.
   2.48.100   Demotion, dismissal, reduction in pay, suspension.
   2.48.110   Layoff and re-employment.
   2.48.120   Political activities.
   2.48.130   Discrimination.
   2.48.140   Right to contract for special service.
   2.48.150   Violation – Penalty.