The City Manager shall make, amend, revoke and enforce reasonable rules and regulations, governing, but not limited to;
   (A)   Preparation, drainage and wrapping of garbage deposited in solid waste containers;
   (B)   Specifications for solid waste containers, including the type, composition, equipment, size and shape thereof;
   (C)   Identification of solid waste containers and of the covers thereof, and of equipment thereto appertaining, if any;
   (D)   Weight limitations on the combined weight of solid waste containers and the content thereof and weight and size limitations on bundles of solid waste too large for solid waste containers;
   (E)   Storage of solid waste in solid waste containers;
   (F)   Sanitation, maintenance and replacement of solid waste containers;
   (G)   Schedules of and routes for collection and transportation of solid waste;
   (H)   Collection points of solid waste containers;
   (I)   Collection, transportation, processing and disposal of solid waste;
   (J)   Processing facilities and fees for the use thereof;
   (K)   Disposal facilities and fees for the use thereof;
   (L)   Records of quantity and type of wastes received at processing and/or disposal facilities;
   (M)   Handling of special wastes such as sludges, ashes, agriculture, construction, bulky items, tires, automobiles, oils, greases and the like; and
   (N)   Reporting requirements of permittees.
(Ord. 0-92-005, passed 2-24-92; Am. Ord. 2007-032, passed 10-9-07)