No person or persons shall dispose of these items within their normal solid waste collection:
   (A)   Hazardous waste, herbicides, pesticides and chemicals;
   (B)   Liquid waste such as oil, paint, gasoline and antifreeze;
   (C)   Tires and rubber products;
   (D)   Dead animals and pathological waste/medical waste;
   (E)   Batteries;
   (F)   Construction/demolition material including but not limited to concrete, lumber, bricks, blocks, asphalt, gravel and the like;
   (G)   Explosives or other volatile substances;
   (H)   Fire, embers, ashes and other such fire causing materials;
   (I)   Poisons and toxic waste;
   (J)   Industrial or commercial wastes of any type;
   (K)   Motor vehicle parts or metal in large amounts;
   (L)   Nuclear or radioactive waste;
   (M)   Stumps, logs or tree limbs;
   (N)   Sludges of semi-solid fluids; and
   (O)   All other hazardous wastes.
(Ord. 0-92-005, passed 2-24-92; Am. Ord. 2007-032, passed 10-9-07)  Penalty, see § 50.99