The garbage collection and disposal system shall be operated under the following rules and regulations:
   (A)   Collection of garbage.
      (1)   All persons or concerns shall be required to deposit garbage for disposal in closed garbage cans not to exceed thirty-five (35) gallons in capacity or to exceed seventy-five (75) pounds in weight and to maintain such solid waste containers in good repair at all times.  Fifty-five (55) gallon oil drums are not legal containers. Rubbish and debris, such as leaves and grass, but not including household garbage, may be placed in tied plastic bags.  Containers shall be set out for pickup on the sidewalk or within three (3) feet of the street in front of residents or apartments no sooner than one (1) hour before sundown (except as provided in C-3 Districts) on the night of pickup applicable to that section or district and shall be required to remove containers as soon thereafter as possible.
      (2)   Collection of garbage in the business districts shall be daily between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. on weekdays, Sundays excluded.
   (B)   Depositing garbage for disposal.
      (1)   All persons or concerns in a business district shall be required to use dumpsters or other suitable containers that can be easily handled by pickup crews and which have been approved by the Public Works Manager.  All dumpster locations shall be prescribed by the Public Works Manager.  All persons or concerns should contact the Public Works Manager prior to acquiring any dumpster or other container to ensure that the dumpster or container is compatible with the city’s trash collection equipment.  Fifty-five (55) gallon oil drums are not legal containers. Plastic bags are acceptable if they are tied and have sufficient strength to avoid tearing and ripping. Loose trash piled in front or behind business establishments or in open rooms is not permitted.  All dumpsters, containers or tied plastic bags shall be placed on the sidewalk or within three (3) feet of the street in front of the place of business.
      (2)   (a)   It shall be unlawful for any individual, corporation, association or other entity to permit garbage cans, trash containers or other containers for the retention of trash, garbage or refuse, to be on the public sidewalks of the city within areas designated as C-3, Central Commercial Districts, pursuant to the zoning code, before the hour of 4:00 p.m. each day.
         (b)   The prohibition contained above shall not apply to those containers for garbage, trash or refuse placed upon the public sidewalks of the city by duly authorized governmental agencies.
         (c)   The presence of garbage, trash or refuse containers on the public sidewalks of the city by virtue of the failure of the duly authorized garbage and trash collection agencies of the city to perform their duties shall not constitute a violation hereof.
      (3)   All householders, owners, tenants, lessees, and/or occupants of any residence within the corporate limits of this city shall provide, at their own expense, proper receptacles or containers as provided here within.
   (C)   Special pickup day for residences.
      (1)   The Department of Public Works will have special trash pickup service available for residents of the City of Pikeville on Wednesday of each week for items that are too large to fit in the described containers listed above.
      (2)   Residents must call Public Works to schedule all special trash pickups. Public Works will take the first twenty-five (25) orders before cutting off the service for that week. Additional overflow orders will be placed on the following week’s schedule. Residents will be given the choice to take their order to the transfer station on Mondays and Fridays as an alternative if pickup cannot be accommodated for that week.
      (3)   All special pickup items must be curbside service. All items cannot be carried to the curb until Tuesday evening after 6:00 p.m. for Wednesday service. Any resident violating this time frame will be subject to an environmental nuisance complaint and subject to a citation for a violation.
      (4)   Residents are entitled to one (1) free load per month. All additional loads will be charged a fee of thirty-five dollars ($35.00) per load.
(Ord. 0-92-005, passed 2-24-92; Am. Ord. 2007-032, passed 10-9-07)  Penalty, see § 50.99