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PM-305.1 General: The interior of a structure and equipment therein shall be maintained in good repair, structurally sound and in a sanitary condition. Every occupant shall keep that part of the structure which such occupant occupies or controls in a clean and sanitary condition. Every owner of a structure containing more than one tenant shall maintain, in a clean and sanitary condition, the shared or public areas of the structure.
PM-305.2 Building elements: The walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, handrails, guards and supporting structural members of every structure shall be maintained structurally sound, and be capable of supporting the imposed loads.
PM-305.3 Interior surfaces: Walls, floors and ceilings shall be maintained substantially rodentproof. All interior surfaces, including windows and doors, shall be maintained in good, clean and sanitary condition. Peeling paint, cracked or loose plaster, decayed wood, and other effective surface conditions shall be corrected.
PM-305.4 Supplied facilities: All interior doors, cabinets or shelves for the storage of eating, drinking and cooking equipment and food and other supplied facilities which are permanently affixed to the structure shall be kept in sound condition and good repair.
PM-305.5 Doors: All doors to dwelling units, except those dwelling units that are exclusively owner-occupied, shall be equipped with a heavy duty dead bolt operable by a key from the outside.
PM-305.6 Lead paint: 285 Lead paint, as defined in Section 6-403(1)(a) of the Philadelphia Health Code shall not be permitted to remain on interior surfaces of any dwelling, rooming house, dwelling unit, rooming unit or structure in Group E occupancy regulated under Section A-703 occupied by children when the Department of Public Health determines that its presence creates a health hazard. Failure by the owner to remove the hazard shall authorize the department to declare the premises "Unfit" or "Unsafe" pursuant to Section PM-307.



   Amended, Bill No. 020313-A (approved January 27, 2003); amended, Bill No. 030774 (approved December 31, 2003). See note 235 for effective date provisions.