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PM-301.1 Scope: The provisions of this Chapter shall govern the minimum conditions and the responsibilities of persons for maintenance of structures, equipment and exterior property.
PM-301.2 Responsibility: The owner of the premises shall maintain the structures and exterior property in compliance with these requirements, except as otherwise provided. All premises, whether occupied or vacant, shall be maintained in such repair and in such safe and sanitary condition that no physical damage shall be caused to any adjoining premises. Every occupant of a dwelling unit or rooming unit shall keep all supplied facilities, including plumbing fixtures and cooking equipment, in a clean and sanitary condition and shall be responsible for the exercise of reasonable care in their proper use and operation.
   PM-301.2.1 Historic structures: The owner of every historic structure shall maintain such structure in accordance with Section 14-1006(3) of The Philadelphia Code and regulations pursuant thereto. 275.1



   Amended, Bill No. 120774-A (approved January 14, 2013).