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PM-302.1 General: All exterior property and premises shall be subject to the provisions of Sections PM-302.2 through PM-302.7.
PM-302.2 Sanitation: 276 All exterior property and premises, including porches, patios and decks, shall be maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition and free from any accumulation of:
   1.   rubbish or garbage;
   2.   building materials or equipment that are not currently being used for work at the property, or are being used in connection with work at the property which requires a building permit, if no such permit has been obtained; or
   3.   an unreasonable quantity of other personal property, not including currently functional items such as patio furniture, play equipment, lawn and garden equipment or other similar outdoor items.
Where rodents are found, they shall be promptly exterminated by approved processes which will not be injurious to human health. After extermination, proper precautions shall be taken to prevent reinfestation. The occupant shall keep that part of the exterior property which such occupant occupies or controls in a clean and sanitary condition.
PM-302.3 Weeds: All premises and exterior property shall be maintained free from weeds or plant growth in excess of 10 inches (254 mm). All noxious weeds shall be prohibited. Weeds shall be defined as all grasses, annual plants and vegetation, other than trees, shrubs, cultivated flowers and gardens.
PM-302.4 Grading and drainage: 277 All premises shall be graded and maintained to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water thereon, or within any structure, including but not limited to, any swimming pool, pool designed with architectural features, fountain, decorative pond, spa or hot tub, located thereon, in order to prevent the breeding of insects and other unhealthy conditions.
Exception: Approved water retention areas and reservoirs.
   PM-302.4.1 Storm drainage: Drainage of roofs, paved areas, yards, courts, and other open areas on the premises shall not be discharged in a manner that creates a health or safety hazard.
   PM-302.4.2 Drainage: Activity on a premises including, but not limited to regrading, terracing, fencing and construction activity shall not result in the concentration of surface water drainage to adjoining property.
   Exception: Where terrain slopes toward a natural water course such as a creek, stream or river.
PM-302.5 Site hazard: All walkways, stairs, driveways, paving spaces and similar areas shall be maintained free from hazardous conditions. Stairs shall also comply with the requirements of Sections PM-304.7 and PM-602.3.
PM-302.6 Accessory structures: 278 All accessory structures, including detached garages, tool sheds, decks, fences, swimming pools and walls, shall be maintained structurally sound and in good repair. In addition, every person owning or occupying land on which a swimming pool with a depth of 24 inches or greater is placed, located, constructed or erected, shall comply with the following provisions:
   1.   erect and maintain an enclosure which can be locked, not less than four (4) feet in height around the pool, in order to make it inaccessible to children when the pool is not in use; or
   2.   comply with the Philadelphia Building Code requirements for a pool cover, enclosure or other protective device as approved by the code official.
   PM-302.6.1 Temporary Fences: 279 No person shall place or maintain a fence in the 10th Councilmanic District that is free-standing (meaning not permanently affixed to the property) and that is of a type customarily used for building projects and construction sites, such as a modular chain-link fence, unless such free-standing fence is placed and maintained in connection with a building permit issued pursuant to Subcode "A" (The Philadelphia Administrative Code), or unless such fence is placed and maintained to protect against either a potential safety hazard from an ongoing work process for which a building permit is not required or any imminent safety hazard. Any temporary fence so placed shall be removed upon completion of the work authorized by such building permit or the elimination of the present or potential safety hazard.
PM-302.7 Motor vehicles: Except as provided for by Use Registration Permit, not more than one currently unregistered motor vehicle shall be parked, kept or stored and no vehicle shall at any time be in a state of major disassembly, disrepair, or in the process of being stripped or dismantled on any exterior property.



   Amended, Bill No. 020732 (approved March 3, 2003).
   Amended, Bill No. 040870 (approved January 25, 2005); amended, Bill No. 080546 (approved November 19, 2008).
   Amended, Bill No. 040870 (approved January 25, 2005). Section 3 of Bill No. 040870 provides that the bill shall take effect immediately.
   Added, Bill No. 060161 (became law September 14, 2006).