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PM-313.1 General: All owners and operators of private parking lots shall comply with the requirements of subsections PM-313.2 through PM-313.4; the Zoning Code; and the Philadelphia Building Code.
PM-313.2 Barriers: A permanent substantial barrier shall be maintained around the private parking lot area. Such barrier shall be constructed of metal or masonry and shall be:
   1.   a wall which is not less than 2 feet in height;
   2.   metal or masonry posts 4 to 6 inches in diameter placed not more than 5 feet apart nor less than 30 inches in height and connected by metal pipes, rods, fencing or chains; or
   3.   concrete curbing, at least six inches high by four inches wide, permanently located so that any parked vehicle does not encroach on a footway, adjacent property, or into an area where parking is not permitted.
PM-313.3 Surfacing: All areas of the private parking lot shall be surfaced in accordance with regulations issued by the Department of Streets to prevent the spread of dust, dirt or mud. These regulations shall require the use of permanent paving materials:
   1.   on private parking lots which are used to store or park commercial vehicles; and
   2.   on private parking lots with a parking area of 2,500 square feet or more.
PM-313.4 Use of Streets: The owner of a private parking lot shall not:
   1.   use or permit the use of any part of any street or sidewalk for the parking or storing of motor vehicles in connection with the operation of a motor vehicle repair or sales businesses.
   2.   cause or permit the shoveling, plowing or otherwise moving of snow from the private parking lot onto any street or sidewalk.



   Added, Bill No. 040869 (approved January 25, 2005).