A wireless telecommunications facility which includes a tower may be permitted as a conditional use in a Class HB District, or in an institutional or commercial district, or located on an institutionally-used property in any residential district.  In order to be considered for review, the applicant must prove that a newly-constructed tower is necessary, in that opportunities for collocation on an existing tower are not feasible.  The following steps must also be taken for the application to be considered for review in this category:
   (a)   The applicant shall present a landscaping plan that indicates how the wireless telecommunications facility shall be screened from adjoining uses.
   (b)   The applicant shall demonstrate that the telecommunications tower must be located where it is proposed in order to service the applicant's service area.  There shall be an explanation of why a tower on the proposed site is technically necessary.
   (c)   Where the telecommunications facility is located on a property with another principal use, the applicant shall present documentation that the owner of the property has granted an easement or entered into a lease for the proposed facility and that vehicular access is provided to the facility.
   (d)   Any applicant requesting permission to install a new tower shall provide evidence of written contact with all wireless service providers who supply service within a quarter-mile radius of the proposed facility.  The applicant shall inquire about potential collocation opportunities at all technically feasible locations.  The contacted providers shall be requested to respond in writing to the inquiry within thirty days.  The applicant's letter or letters, as well as any response or responses thereof, shall be presented to the Planning Commission as a means of demonstrating the need for a new tower.
   (e)   With the permit application, the applicant shall list the location of every tower, building or structure that could support the proposed antenna to allow it to serve its intended function.
   (f)   The applicant must demonstrate that a technically suitable location is not reasonably available on an existing tower, building or structure.
   (g)   If another telecommunications tower is technically suitable, the applicant must show that he or she has offered to allow the owner to collocate an antenna on another tower within the City owned by the applicant on reciprocal terms and the offer was not accepted or that another tower is presumed to be reasonably available.
   (h)   The applicant must also demonstrate that one of the City parks available for the location of a wireless telecommunications tower is not a technically suitable location.  (Ord. 1997-39. Passed 10-14-97.)