1305.04   AMENDMENTS.
   The National Electrical Code, as adopted in Section 1305.01, is hereby amended as follows:
Article 210    Branch Circuits
NEC Section 210.19.  Conductors - Minimum Ampacity and Size.  (Amended)
   (a)   No change
   (b)   No change
   (c)   No change
   (d)   Other Loads.  Branch circuit conductors that supply loads other than those specified in 210.2 and other than cooking appliances as covered in 210.9(C) shall have an ampacity sufficient for the loads served and shall not be smaller than 12 AWG.
Article 220   Branch-Circuit, Feeder, and Service Calculations
NEC Section 220.4.  Minimum loads.  (Amended)
   Not more than four duplex receptacle outlets per circuit shall be installed on the required appliance branch circuits and not more than eight duplex outlets per circuit shall be installed on the required general lighting branch circuits. The total load shall not exceed the rating of the branch circuit, and it shall not exceed the maximum loads specified in 220.4(A) through (C) under the conditions specified therein.
Article 230   Services
NEC Section 230.70.  General.  (Amended)
(a)   Location.  The service disconnecting means shall be installed inside a building or structure at a readily accessible location nearest the point of entrance of the service conductors.
Article 300   Wiring Methods
NEC Section 300.13.  Mechanical and Electrical Continuity-Conductors.  (Amended)
(a)   No Change
(b)   Device Removal.  The continuity of grounded and ungrounded conductors in branch circuits shall not be dependent upon device connections.
Article 310   Conductors For General Wiring
NEC Section 310.2.  Conductors.  (Amended)
(a)   No Change
(b)   Conductor Material.  All conductors on load side of service equipment shall be copper (200 amp service or less).
Article 334   Nonmetallic Sheathed Cable
NEC Section 334.4.  Uses permitted.  (Amended)
   Type NM and Type NMC cables shall be permitted to be used in one, two and three-family dwellings only.  The dwellings are defined by the Regional Dwelling House Code Ch. 17.  Sect. 1517.05.
Article 334 II   Installation
NEC Section 334.10.  Uses permitted.  (Amended)
   Type NM (nonmetallic sheathed cable) shall not be run exposed in detached garages or sheds.
NEC Section 334.10.  Exposed work - General.  (Amended)
   A.   Unchanged
   B.   Unchanged
   C.   In Unfinished Basements.  Type NM (nonmetallic sheathed cable) shall not be permitted to be secured to the lower edges of the joists.  All cable running perpendicular to joists shall be run through bored holes.  Cable run exposed in basements shall be limited to wiring serving the load of the immediate area only (i.e. lighting and receptacles).  Wiring located below the level of the ceiling joists must be protected by conduit.
   (1)   New Construction.  Wiring for branch circuits whose load is not found in the basement area shall not be routed through the basement joists.  Such wiring shall leave the panel board and pass through the floor in the area immediately above the panel board.
NEC Section 334.40. Boxes and Fittings.     (Amended)
   A.   No Change.
   B.   This Section shall be deleted.
   C.   No Change.
NEC Section 334.104. Conductors.  (Amended)
   Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in this section, the minimum size conductor shall be No. 12 AWG copper for power conductors. The signaling conductors shall comply with 780.5.
NEC Section 514   Gasoline Dispensing and Service Stations
NEC Section 514.8.  Underground Wiring.  (Amended)
   Underground wiring shall be installed in threaded rigid metal conduit. Exception No. 2 shall be deleted.
NEC Section 514.16.  Grounding. (Amended)
   Metal portions of dispensing pumps, metal raceways and noncurrent-carrying metal parts of electric equipment, regardless of voltage, shall be grounded as provided in Article 250-100, and as per NFPA Article 30A, Chapter 4.3.1; NFPA Article 30, Chapter
Article 600   Electric Signs and Outlined Lighting
NEC Section 600.5(c). Wiring Methods.  (Amended)
   Conductors feeding sign structures shall be installed underground by an approved means.
   References:   Section 1303.09 and Chapter 1383 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Parma Heights.
NEC Section 600.10.  Outdoor Portable Signs.  (Added)
   Temporary signs shall be fed from receptacles which are an approved extension of building wiring or which are an integral part of an existing sign.  The use of extension cords across parking lots, driveways or sidewalks is prohibited.  Receptacles feeding temporary signs must be ground fault protected.
Article 700   Emergency Systems
NEC Section 700.1.  Emergency System.  (Amended)
   Exit and emergency lighting shall be provided in all commercial establishments.
(Ord. 1999-31. Passed 11-8-99; Ord. 2002-7. Passed 2-27-02.)