(a)   The purpose of this zoning classification is to allow residential development, consisting of five or more units, the additional flexibility necessary to make advantageous use of natural irregular land features which might otherwise have a negative impact on such a development.  The physical location and arrangement of individual units within the development may be in any configuration acceptable to the Planning Commission and Council, except that no unit shall be vertical to any other unit.
   (b)   In addition to the provisions of division (a) of this section, the following conditions shall be met:
      (1)   Maximum density shall be five units per gross acre;
      (2)   Minimum land area shall not be less than two contiguous acres;
      (3)   Minimum floor area per unit:
         A.   1-story:
            With basement:      1,350 square feet
            Without basement;   1,500 square feet
         B.   2-story:
            With basement         1,800 square feet
            Without basement      1,900 square feet
      (4)   There shall be two attached automobile garage spaces per dwelling unit, unless otherwise determined by the Planning Commission and Council in accordance with Section 1174.03(b)(4);
      (5)   Guest parking spaces shall be equal to 20% of the number of dwelling units.
      (6)   The main service drive may be dedicated to the City;
      (7)   There shall be a minimum of ten feet between detached units;
      (8)   Any other conditions required by Council or the Planning Commission shall be met;
      (9)   The submission of a copy of any plan, covenant or restriction for the maintenance of common property shall include a provision requiring maintenance of any private street;
      (10)   Submission of a copy of all governing documents;
      (11)   Front yard setbacks shall be as follows:
         A.   40 feet from the right-of-way on a major arterial street or collector street;
         B.   20 feet from the right-of-way on a local street; and
         C.   25 feet from the nearest edge of a sidewalk or roadway pavement on a private drive.
      (12)   The setback from an abutting single-family lot line shall be a minimum of 35 feet.
      (13)   A dedicated local street shall have a minimum right-of-way of 40 feet, with a preferred width of 50 feet.
(Ord. 2000-3. Passed 1-25-00; Ord. 2000-42. Passed 9-25-00.)