(a)   The developer of any parcel of land requesting approval of a one-family cluster unit development shall prepare a detailed site plan of the cluster area proposed for the development.  The plan of each one-family cluster residential area shall include the following:
      (1)   The number, location and arrangement of dwelling units;
      (2)   The proposed use of all private and common land;
      (3)   The location and arrangement of all dedicated streets, private driveways and pedestrian access ways;
      (4)   The number and arrangement of all parking and service areas;
      (5)   The location, preliminary sizing, preliminary profiles and other information that may be required by the City Engineer to determine the feasibility of the proposed utilities;
      (6)   The location and design of all site features; and
      (7)   The landscape design.
   (b)   The site plan shall be reviewed by:
      (1)   The City Engineer, to determine compliance with provisions of this chapter and all applicable standards;
      (2)   The City Planner, to evaluate the merits of the site plan and its impact on the subject area and City in general;
      (3)   The Director of Public Service, to determine compliance with the Building Code; and
      (4)   The Planning Commission, which shall report its recommendation to Council, which may either approve or disapprove the positive recommendation of the Planning Commission by a simple majority of the members of Council or override the negative recommendation by a two- thirds vote of the members of Council.
(Ord. 2000-3. Passed 1-25-00.)