Storm Water Management, Sediment and Erosion Control and Wetlands Protection
   EDITOR'S NOTE: Ordinance 2005-6, passed March 28, 2005, adopted a Storm Water Management Program for the City.  Copies may be obtained from the City Clerk.
1105.01   Scope.
1105.02   Definitions.
1105.03   Comprehensive Storm Water Management Plan.
1105.04   Purpose.
1105.05   Consultations.
1105.06   Issuance of building permits for residential projects.
1105.07   Construction site conservation plan.
1105.08   Easements.
1105.09   Maintenance.
1105.10   Minimum standards.
1105.11   Stream channel and floodplain erosion design criteria.
1105.12   Compliance with other rules and regulations.
1105.13   Construction and maintenance guarantee.
1105.14   Application procedures for erosion and sediment control plans.
1105.15   Riparian and wetland setback requirements.
1105.16   Establishment of designated watercourses and riparian setbacks.
1105.17   Establishment of wetland setbacks.
1105.18   Procedure for wetland setbacks.
1105.19   Uses permitted in riparian and wetland setbacks.
1105.20   Uses prohibited in riparian and wetland setbacks.
1105.21   Nonconforming structures or uses in riparian and wetland setbacks.
1105.22   Variances within riparian and wetland setbacks.
1105.23   Boundary interpretation and appeals procedure.
1105.24   Inspection of riparian and wetland setback.
1105.25   Disclaimer of liability.
1105.26   Conflicts, severability, nuisances and responsibility.
1105.27   Violations.
1105.99   Penalty.
   Shore erosion - see Ohio R.C. 1507.01 et seq.
   Water pollution - see GEN. OFF. 660.04
   Notice to fill lots; remove putrid substances - see GEN. OFF. 660.13
   Excavation in public ways - see S. & P.S. Ch. 901
   Storm water drainage - see S. & P.S. 931.11, 1301.04 (RDH 1593.65)
   Grading of yards - see BLDG. Ch. 1381
   Flood damage prevention - see BLDG. Ch. 1385