18.42.180   Interim Standards for Two Units on Single Family Zoned Lots Pursuant to Senate Bill 9 (2021).
   (a)   Purpose.
      This section sets forth special regulations applicable to the construction of two dwelling units on single family lots in the R-1 (and R-1 subdistricts) and R-E zone districts, pursuant to California Government Code Sections 65852.21 and 66411.7 (SB 9, 2021). In the event of a conflict between the provisions of this section and the generally applicable regulations of Chapters 18.10, 18.12, and 18.52-18.80, inclusive, the provisions of this section shall prevail.
   (b)   Definitions. 
      As used in this section:
      (1)   “Specific, adverse impact” means a significant, quantifiable, direct, and unavoidable impact, based on objective, identified written public health or safety or physical environmental standards, policies, or conditions as they existed on the date the application was deemed complete. Inconsistency with the zoning ordinance or general plan land use designation shall not constitute a specific, adverse, impact.
      (2)   “Sufficient to allow separate conveyance” means the two dwelling units constitute clearly defined, separate, and independent housekeeping units without interior access points to the other dwelling unit.
      (3)   “Two dwelling units” means the development proposes two new units on a vacant lot or proposes to add one new unit to one existing unit on a lot. This does not include the development of a single dwelling unit on a vacant lot.
      (4)   “Unit” means any dwelling unit, including, but not limited to a primary dwelling unit, an accessory dwelling unit, or a junior accessory dwelling unit.
   (c)   Applicability.
      When an application is submitted that includes both (1) the construction of two dwelling units under this section and (2) other redevelopment work that is not integral to creation of a new dwelling unit and would generally require discretionary review, only the portions required for construction of dwelling units shall be reviewed ministerially. In addition, this section shall not apply in any of the following circumstances:
      (1)   Parcels described California Government Code Section 65913.4, subdivisions (a)(6)(B) through (a)(6)(K) inclusive. Such parcels include, for example, parcels located in wetlands, in very high fire severity zones (unless the site has adopted certain fire hazard mitigation measures), and in special flood hazard areas or regulatory floodways (unless the site meets certain federal requirements for development).
      (2)   Parcels on which an owner of residential real property has exercised the owner's rights under state law to withdraw accommodations from rent or lease within the past 15 years.
      (3)   The development would require alteration or demolition of any of the following types of housing:
         (A)   Housing that is subject to a recorded covenant, ordinance, or law that restricts rents to levels affordable to persons and families of moderate, low, or very low income.
         (B)   Housing that is subject to any form of rent or price control through a public entity's valid exercise of its police power.
         (C)   Housing that has been occupied by a tenant in the last three years.
      (4)   The development would result in the demolition of more than 25 percent of the existing exterior structural walls of a site that has been occupied by a tenant in the last three years.
      (5)   The development is located within a historic district or property included on the State Historic Resources Inventory, as defined in California Public Resources Code Section 5020.1, or within a site that is designated or listed on the city's historic inventory.
      (6)   The building official finds that the development would have a specific, adverse impact on public health and safety or the physical environment that cannot be feasibly mitigated or avoided.
   (d)   Application Process.
      (1)   The Director is authorized to promulgate regulations, forms, and/or checklists setting forth application requirements for the development of dwelling units under this section.
      (2)   The city shall ministerially approve or disapprove an application pursuant to this section.
   (e)   Development Standards.
      (1)   A project proposing two dwelling units on a parcel in the R-1 or RE districts shall be subject to the development standards set forth in Chapters 18.12 and 18.10, respectively except as provided herein.
      (2)   All construction pursuant to this section shall comply with objective design standards adopted by the City Council. However, an applicant seeking to deviate from the objective design standards (except to the extent necessary to construct a unit of 800 square feet) may elect to submit an application under the base requirements of Chapters 18.10, or 18.12, including, if applicable, Single Family Individual Review.
      (3)   If the application of any development standard or design standard would necessarily require that one or more proposed units be less than 800 square feet, such standard shall be relaxed to the minimum extent necessary to allow construction of a unit or units of at least 800 square feet. The Director may publish regulations governing the order in which objective standards shall be waived or relaxed in such circumstances.
      (4)   Setbacks from side and rear property lines, including street-side property lines, shall be no less than four feet, except in the case of existing non-complying structures or structures reconstructed in the same location and to the same dimensions as an existing structure, in which case existing setbacks less than four feet may be maintained. No setback is required from an internal lot line newly created pursuant to Chapter 21.10, for adjacent or connected structures separated by the new lot line, provided that the structures meet building code safety standards and are sufficient to allow separate conveyance.
      (5)   Off-street parking shall be provided pursuant to Chapters 18.52 and 18.54.
      (6)   In the event that a project is proposed on a site that has been subject to an Urban Lot Split under Chapter 21.10, and the project would result in three or more detached units across the two parcels created by the urban lot split, any new units shall not exceed 800 square feet.
      (7)   Accessory structures, such as garages and shed are permitted consistent with the provisions of the zoning district; however, no accessory structure shall have a floor area exceeding 500 square feet.
      (8)   The Director of Public Works may promulgate standards for adjacent public improvements, such as curb cuts and sidewalks, in relation to development pursuant to this section.
   (f)   General Requirements.
      (1)   A maximum of two units may be located on any parcel that is created by an Urban Lot Split under Chapter 21.10. Accessory dwelling units and junior accessory dwelling units shall not be permitted on any such parcel already containing two units.
      (2)   On parcels that are not the result of an Urban Lot Split under Chapter 21.10, accessory dwelling units may be proposed in addition to the primary dwelling unit or units, consistent with Chapter 18.09, provided, however, that ADUs associated with projects proceeding under this section shall not receive any exemption from floor area ratio except to the minimum extent required by California Government Code Section 65852.2.
      (3)   A rental of any unit created pursuant to this section shall be for a term longer than 30 consecutive days.
      (4)   For residential units connected to an onsite wastewater treatment system, a percolation test completed within the last 5 years, or, if the percolation test has been recertified, within the last 10 years.
      (5)   Each unit shall have a permanent street address.
      (6)   The owner and all successors in interest in the subject property shall agree to participate in any city survey of properties that have constructed dwelling units pursuant to this section.
   (g)   Effective Dates.
      This section shall remain in effect until such time as Government Code Section 65852.21 is repealed or superseded or its requirements for ministerial approval of no more than two units on a single family zoned lot are materially amended, whether by legislation or initiative, at which time this section shall become null and void.
(Ord. 5546 § 2, 2022: Ord. 5542 § 15, 2022: Ord. 5538 § 15, 2021)