21.36.010   Notice.
   Any aggrieved person may appeal from the decision of the director of planning in approving, conditionally approving or denying a preliminary parcel map or from any portion or condition thereof. Such appeal shall be taken to the city council; provided, that prior to consideration of the appeal by the city council, the planning commission, acting as an advisory appeal board, shall review the appeal and make its recommendations to the city council. An appeal shall be commenced by filing a notice of appeal with the director of planning. Such notice shall be filed within fifteen days of the decision of the director of planning which is the subject of the appeal. An appeal notice filed after such fifteen-day period shall not be processed. Any decision not appealed within said time shall become final. The notice of appeal shall set forth in detail the decision, or portion thereof, appealed and the grounds for the appeal. The notice of appeal shall be accompanied by eighteen copies of the tentative parcel map.
(Ord. 3157 § 1 (part), 1979)