Chapter 19.04
   19.04.010   Duties of planning commission.
   19.04.020   Statute adopted.
   19.04.030   Review of general plan.
   19.04.040   Capital improvement program reviewed.
   19.04.050   Physical development of city - Conformity with master plan.
   19.04.060   Industrial or manufacturing zoning or rezoning.
   19.04.070   Additional duties.
   19.04.080   Provisions of statute.
   *   Editor's Note: Chapter 19.04, Planning Commission, was adopted by Initiative Ordinance No. 2090, effective July 23, 1962. In regard to initiative ordinances, Article VI, Section 2, of the Palo Alto Charter, states that: "Any ordinance adopted by the electors under the provisions of this section cannot be repealed or amended, except by a vote of the people obtained in the manner hereinabove stated, unless such ordinance shall otherwise provide."
   *   For provisions relating to members of the planning commission, see Chapter 2.20.