19.04.010   Duties of planning commission.
   The planning commission shall have the primary duty to prepare, adopt and recommend to the city council for their adoption, a long-range, comprehensive general plan to guide the future development of Palo Alto and of any land outside its boundaries which in the commission's judgment bears relation to its planning. Such plan may contain basic recommendations as to the distribution of land use areas within the city, each logically and properly related to each other, standards for population distribution and density, and standards and recommendations for circulation routes as between the various land use areas and through and around the city. In addition to the above, the general plan may contain other elements including a recreation plan, a transportation plan, a community design plan, a housing plan and such additional plans which in the commission's judgment relate to the physical development of the city. The comprehensive general plan may comprise any, all, or any combination of these plans.
(Initiative Ord. 2090 (part), 1962)