16.65.075   Provision of affordable units.
   (a)   Standards for affordable units.
   (1)   Affordable units shall be comparable in exterior appearance and overall quality of construction to market-rate units in the same housing development. Interior finishes and amenities must equal those provided in the base model market-rate units.
   (2)   The number of bedrooms and the size of the affordable units shall be comparable to the average number of bedrooms in the market-rate units, except that in a single-family detached development, the decision-making body may allow smaller affordable units or duplex affordable units, if permitted in the zoning district, when this furthers the provision of on-site affordable units. The affordable units shall be reasonably dispersed within the residential project, with unit locations comparable to those of the market-rate units, or, subject to the approval of the planning and community environment director, may be clustered within the residential project when this furthers affordable housing opportunities.
   (3)   The affordable units shall have the same amenities as the market rate units, including the same access to and enjoyment of common open space, parking, storage, and other facilities in the residential project.
   (b)   Timing of construction. The affordable units shall be constructed in proportion to construction of the market-rate units. No building permit shall be issued for any market-rate unit unless a proportional number of building permits have been issued for affordable units, and no certificates of occupancy or final inspections shall be issued for any market-rate units unless a proportional number of certificates of occupancy or final inspections have been issued for affordable units. An alternative phasing plan may be approved as part of the approval of the affordable housing plan described in Section 16.65.090.
   (c)   Continued affordability.
   (1)   All affordable units provided under Section 16.65.030 or Section 16.65.080 shall be subject to a resale restriction, deed of trust, and/or regulatory agreement recorded against the property for execution by the city manager, in a form approved by the city attorney, to ensure the continued affordability of the affordable units.
   (2)   Notwithstanding Section 18.15.040, to be considered as affordable units under this chapter, all affordable units shall remain affordable to the targeted income group for ninety-nine years, except in the case of affordable housing developments provided as an alternate means of compliance pursuant to Section 16.65.080, the city may authorize a fifty- five year affordability restriction if required to maintain eligibility for tax credit financing.
   (3)   Any household that occupies an affordable unit must occupy that unit as its principal residence, unless otherwise approved in writing for rental to a third party for a limited period of time due to household hardship, as determined by the city.
   (4)   No household may begin occupancy of an affordable unit until the household has been determined to be eligible to occupy that unit by the city or designee.
(Ord. 5408 § 3 (part), 2017)