16.65.090   Application and review procedures.
   (a)   Affordable housing plan.
   (1)   All residential ownership projects and any mixed use, residential rental or nonresidential project proposing to provide affordable units under the provisions of Section 16.65.080 shall submit an affordable housing plan concurrently with the application for the first approval of the project. The city shall provide an application form specifying the contents of the affordable housing plan. If an affordable housing plan is required, no application for a first approval the project may be deemed complete until a complete affordable housing plan is submitted. The cost of reviewing any proposed alternative, including but not limited to the cost to the city of hiring a consultant to review the application, shall be borne by the applicant.
   (2)   No affordable housing plan is required for a mixed use, residential rental project or a nonresidential project if the applicant proposes to pay housing impact fees, or if the project is exempt under Section 16.65.025.
   (3)   Any affordable housing plan shall be processed concurrently with all other permits required for the development project. Before approving the affordable housing plan, the decision-making body shall find that the affordable housing plan conforms to this chapter. A condition shall be attached to require recordation of an affordable housing agreement, as described in subsection (b) of this section below, prior to the approval of any final or parcel map or building permit for the development project.
   (4)   The approved affordable housing plan may be amended prior to issuance of any building permit for the development project. A request for a minor modification of an approved affordable housing plan may be granted by the planning and community environment director if the modification is substantially in compliance with the original affordable housing plan and conditions of approval. Other modifications to the affordable housing plan shall be processed in the same manner as the original plan.
   (b)   Affordable housing agreement.
   (1)   Affordable housing agreements acceptable to the city manager or designee and approved as to form by the city attorney shall be recorded against the residential or nonresidential project prior to approval of any final or parcel map, or issuance of any building permit, whichever occurs first, unless the project is required only to pay impact fees.
   (2)   The affordable housing agreement shall specify the number, type, location, size, and phasing of all affordable units, provisions for income certification and screening of potential purchasers or renters of units, and resale control mechanisms, including the financing of ongoing administrative and monitoring costs, consistent with the approved affordable housing plan and any affordable housing guidelines, as determined by the city manager or designee.
   (c)   The city council, by resolution, may establish fees for the ongoing administration and monitoring of the affordable units, which fees may be updated periodically, as required.
   (d)   The planning and community environment director may adopt affordable housing guidelines to implement this chapter, and may update those guidelines periodically as required.
(Ord. 5408 § 3 (part), 2017)