16.52.150   Standards for subdivisions.
   (a)   All preliminary subdivision proposals shall identify the special flood hazard area and the elevation of the base flood.
   (b)   All subdivision plans will provide the elevation of proposed structure(s) and pad(s). If the site is filled above the base flood elevation, the lowest floor and final pad elevations shall be certified by a registered professional engineer or surveyor and provided to the floodplain administrator.
   (c)   All subdivision proposals shall be consistent with the need to minimize flood damage.
   (d)   All subdivision proposals shall have public utilities and facilities such as sewer, gas, electrical and water systems located and constructed to minimize flood damage.
   (e)   All subdivisions shall provide adequate drainage to reduce exposure to flood hazards.
(Ord. 4557 § 8, 1999: Ord. 3795 § 7 (part), 1988)