16.52.070   Compliance with regulations.
   No structure or land shall hereafter be constructed, located, extended, converted or altered without full compliance with the terms of this chapter and other applicable regulations. Violations of the provisions of this chapter by failure to comply with any of its requirements (including violations of conditions and safeguards established in connection with conditions) shall constitute a misdemeanor. Nothing herein shall prevent the city from taking such lawful action as is necessary to prevent or remedy any violation.
(Ord. 3795 § 4, 1988: Ord. 3158 § 1 (part), 1979)
16.52.075   Requirement to submit new technical data.
   A community's base flood elevations may increase or decrease resulting from physical changes affecting flooding conditions. As soon as practicable, but not later than six months after the date such information becomes available, the City shall notify FEMA of the changes by submitting technical or scientific data. Such submission is necessary so that, upon confirmation of those physical changes affecting flooding conditions, risk premium rates and flood plain management requirements will be based upon current data.
(Ord. 5566 § 4, 2022)