16.52.060   Basis for establishing the areas of special flood hazard.
   The areas of special flood hazard identified by the Federal Insurance Administration of the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the Flood Insurance Study, dated June 2, 1999, the accompanying Flood Insurance Rate Map, and all subsequent amendments and revisions thereto, are hereby adopted by reference and declared to be a part of this ordinance. The areas of special flood hazard that are identified in the Flood Insurance Study and depicted in the attendant mapping are the minimum surface areas of land to which the ordinance codified in this chapter will apply. The Flood Insurance Study may be supplemented by a study or studies for other areas which will allow the implementation of this ordinance and which are recommended to the city council by the floodplain administrator. The Flood Insurance Study and the Flood Insurance Rate Map shall be made available for inspection at the department of public works of the City of Palo Alto, 250 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto, California.
(Ord. 4557 § 3, 1999: Ord. 3795 § 3, 1988: Ord. 3158 § 1 (part), 1979)