16.49.070   Demolition of contributing buildings in the downtown area and significant buildings other than in the downtown area.
   (a)   Application and Moratorium. Any person wishing to demolish a contributing building in the downtown area or a significant building other than downtown shall file an application for a demolition permit in accordance with the procedures established by Chapter 16.04 of this code. With the application, the applicant shall submit one clear photograph of the front of the building and such other information as may be required by the chief building official in accordance with the requirements for the demolition permit. A copy of the application and photograph shall be forwarded to the city council as an information item in the next council packet. The chief building official may not take action on the application for sixty days following receipt of a completed application.
   (b)   Referral to Architectural Review Board or Historical Resources Board. During the sixty-day moratorium, the chief building official shall refer the application for a permit to demolish to the architectural review board, in the case of all buildings other than single-family and duplex residences, for review and recommendation. The architectural review board shall refer the application to the historic resources board for recommendations on the historical and/or architectural significance of the building and the appropriate time for the moratorium. A demolition permit application for a single-family or duplex residence shall be referred to the historic resources board for recommendation.
   (c)   Council Action. The architectural review board, the historic resources board, or any interested person may recommend that the council extend the moratorium. The council shall agendize such a request and may extend the sixty-day period for a period up to one year. In the case of an extended moratorium, the council, upon the recommendation of the historic resources board, may require that appropriate and reasonable public notice of the availability of the structure be provided by the applicant.
(Ord. 3721 § 1 (part), 1986)