16.49.040   Designation of historic structures/sites.
   (a)   Procedure for Designation of Historic Structures/Sites or Districts. Any individual or group may propose designation as a historic structure/site or district. Such proposals shall be reviewed by the historic resources board, which will make its recommendation to the council. Designation of a historic structure/site or district must be approved by the city council. The procedure for such designation is as follows:
   (1)   Any proposal for designation shall be filed with the department of planning and development services and shall include the following data:
   (A)   The address and assessor's parcel number of the site or boundaries of the proposed district;
   (B)   A description detailing the structure/site or district's special aesthetic, cultural, architectural, or engineering interest or value of a historic nature;
   (C)   A description of the historical value of the structure/site or district;
   (D)   A description of the current condition of and any known threats to the structure/site or district;
   (E)   What restoration, if any, would be necessary to return the structure/site or district to its original appearance;
   (F)   Sketches, drawings, photographs or other descriptive material;
   (G)   Other supporting information.
   (2)   Each proposal shall be considered by the historic resources board at a public hearing within sixty days of the receipt of the proposal. In any case where an application for a planning or building permit affecting the exterior of a building is pending concurrently with a proposal for designation, the recommendation of the historic resources board shall be made within twenty days of receipt of the proposal.
   (3)   Notice of the time, place and purpose of the hearing shall be given at least twelve days prior to the date of the hearing by publication at least once in a newspaper of general circulation, or by mail to the applicant, to the owner or owners of the property, and to the owners of property within three hundred feet of the site.
   (4)   The historic resources board shall recommend to the city council approval, disapproval or modification of an application for designation.
   (5)   The city council may approve, disapprove or modify a recommendation for designation and, in any case where an application for a planning or building permit is pending concurrently with the proposal for designation, such decision shall be made within thirty days of the recommendation, if any, of the historic resources board.
   (6)   After approval of the designation of a structure/site or district, the city clerk shall send to the owners of the property so designated, by mail, a letter outlining the basis for such designation and the regulations which result from such designation. Notice of this designation shall also be filed in the building department and the department of planning and development services files.
   (b)   Criteria for Designation. The following criteria, along with the definitions of historic categories and districts in Section 16.49.020, shall be used as criteria for designating additional historic structures/sites or districts to the historic inventory:
   (1)   The structure or site is identified with the lives of historic people or with important events in the city, state or nation;
   (2)   The structure or site is particularly representative of an architectural style or way of life important to the city, state or nation;
   (3)   The structure or site is an example of a type of building which was once common, but is now rare;
   (4)   The structure or site is connected with a business or use which was once common, but is now rare;
   (5)   The architect or building was important;
   (6)   The structure or site contains elements demonstrating outstanding attention to architectural design, detail, materials or craftsmanship.
(Ord. 5494 § 3, 2020: Ord. 3721 § 1 (part), 1986)