10.51.050   Annexation of new restricted parking areas.
   (a)   Eligibility for annexation. Residents of any street or street segment adjacent to an existing restricted parking area within Crescent Park may petition the director for annexation into a contiguous Crescent Park no overnight parking area. If the petition meets the criteria established in Section 10.51.050(b) and the administrative regulations adopted by the director, a resolution annexing it to the restricted parking area shall be prepared by the city attorney and submitted to the city council, together with the director's recommendation on the proposed annexation. The city council may approve, deny, or modify the annexation.
   (b)   City staff shall consider for designation any proposed street or street segment in Crescent Park which satisfies the following enumerated requirements:
   (1)   Residents submit a petition, prepared for residents by city staff and signed by at least one member of fifty percent of the parcels on the street.
   (2)   Upon receipt of a completed petition, city staff shall issue a postal survey to verify participation and interest of all residents in the proposed restricted parking area.
   (3)   At least seventy percent of responses to the survey received by city staff shall be in support of participation in the restricted overnight parking program.
   (c)   Following validation of majority support, city staff shall implement signs within the newly designated restricted parking area and notify residents of eligibility to purchase parking permits at city hall.
(Ord. 5398 § 2 (part), 2016)