10.48.090   Exceptions.
   (a)   The provisions of this chapter shall not prohibit the operation of any truck coming from a through truck route having ingress or egress by direct route to and from a restricted street when necessary for the purpose of making pickups or deliveries of goods, wares, and merchandise from or to any building or structure located on the restricted street or for the purpose of delivering materials to be used in the actual and bona fide repair, alteration, remodeling, or construction of any building or structure upon the restricted street for which a building permit has previously been obtained so long as the operator of such truck takes a route as prescribed in Sections 10.48.060 and 10.48.070 hereof.
   (b)   The provisions of this section shall not apply to:
   (1)   Passenger buses under the jurisdiction of the public utilities commission and school buses;
   (2)   Any vehicle owned or operated by a public utility, or by the city, or any vehicle used for the removal of refuse under contract with the city;
   (3)   Any vehicle which is authorized by written contract with the city to use the Palo Alto solid waste disposal site;
   (4)   Any authorized emergency vehicle.
(Ord. 3855 § 1, 1989: Ord. 2661, 1972: Ord. 2181 (part), 1963: Ord. 1714 (part), 1956: prior code § 19.132(h))