2.31.040   Disposition of lost, stolen, or abandoned property other than vehicles.
   (a)   If the owner or person entitled to the possession of lost, stolen, or abandoned property or money fails to claim the property or money, within three months, and fails to pay the charges and fees established for saving and storage of the same, the police department may sell such property to the highest bidder at public auction. Notice of such sale shall be given at least five days before the time fixed therefor by publication once in a newspaper of general circulation published in the city. The notice shall give the time and place of such sale and generally describe the property to be sold. The city manager may authorize the use of unclaimed property for city purposes.
   (b)   Each fiscal year, the city manager may withhold from sale at public auction a number of the unclaimed bicycles with a cumulative value of not more than $5,000.00, and turn over such unclaimed bicycles to any number of charitable or nonprofit organizations, which are authorized under their articles of incorporation to participate in programs or activities designed to prevent juvenile delinquency and which are exempt from federal and state income taxation, for use in any program or activity designed to prevent juvenile delinquency. A written report of the number of unclaimed bicycles that are withheld from sale at public auction and donated to charitable or nonprofit organizations shall be made annually by the city manager to the city council.
(Ord. 4453 § 6, 1997: Ord. 4310 § 1, 1995: Ord. 3927 § 3 (part), 1989)