2.31.010   Surplus property and equipment - Disposal or destruction.
   (a)   Authority of Director of Administrative Services. All using departments shall submit to the director of administrative services, at such times and in such form as the director shall prescribe, reports showing all property which is no longer used or which has been obsolete or worn out. The director of administrative services shall have authority to sell all property which cannot be used by any department or which has become unsuitable for city use, by negotiated sales, through the acceptance of sealed bids, by public auction, or by exchange or trade-in for new property and equipment. The director of administrative services may in writing delegate any authority granted to the director pursuant to this chapter with respect to property valued at less than $5,000.00.
   (b)   Property with No Commercial Value. The city manager may authorize the abandonment, destruction or donation to public bodies, charitable, civic or nonprofit organizations, of city property which has no commercial value or of which the estimated cost of continued care, handling, maintenance or storage would exceed the estimated proceeds of sale. Such determination shall be made in writing and countersigned by the director of administrative services.
   (c)   Donations to Nonprofit Support Organizations. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this chapter, the city manager may adopt polices and procedures authorizing the donation of surplus property that is no longer suitable for use by the city to nonprofit organizations that are formed for the purpose of supporting city programs. The city's donation of surplus property shall be contingent on a written agreement that any profits from the sale of such items shall be used for the purchase of equipment, books or capital expenses related to the program supported by the nonprofit organization.
   (d)   Annual Report to Council. The city manager shall identify all property donated to nonprofit agencies pursuant to subsection (b) or (c) above. In January of each year, the city manager shall provide a report to the city council that includes an inventory of the items donated by the city and all contributions made to the city from nonprofit organizations that have received surplus city property.
   (e)   The city manager may delegate any authority granted to the manager pursuant to this chapter.
(Ord. 5019 § 2, 2008: Ord. 4462 § 2, 1997: Ord. 3927 § 3 (part), 1989)