2.11.110   Emergency alert system.
   (a)   A state franchisee shall comply with the EAS requirements of the FCC in order that emergency messages may be distributed over the state franchisee's network.
   (b)   A state franchisee's EAS shall be remotely activated by telephone and shall allow an authorized representative of the city to override the audio and video on all channels on the state franchise's network that may be lawfully overridden, without the assistance of the state franchisee, for emergency broadcasts from a location designated by the city in the event of a civil emergency or for reasonable tests. Testing of a state franchisee's EAS shall occur at times that will cause minimal subscriber inconvenience.
   (c)   The city shall permit only appropriately trained and authorized persons to operate the EAS equipment. Except to the extent expressly prohibited by applicable law, the city shall hold the state franchisee, its employees and officers harmless from any claims arising out of the emergency use of its facilities by the city.
   (d)   Paragraphs (b) and (c) of this Section 2.11.110 shall expire and no longer be effective after July 25, 2010.
(Ord. 4945 § 14, 2007)