2.10.200   Cable system franchise application.
   (a)   A written application must be filed for an initial and a renewal cable system franchise, or for approval of a transfer with the city. A request for renewal filed under 47 U.S.C. § 546(h) need not contain the information required by Section 2.10.200(b).
   (b)   The cable coordinator may specify the information that must be provided in connection with an application, and the form in which the information is to be provided.
   (1)   At a minimum each application must identify the applicant, show that the applicant is financially, technically and legally qualified to construct, operate, maintain and repair the cable system, contain a pro forma showing capital expenditures and expected income and expenses for the first five years the applicant is to hold the franchise, and show that the applicant is ready, willing and able to comply unconditionally with this chapter and its franchise obligations.
   (2)   Any application for an initial franchise must describe in detail the cable system that the applicant proposes to build, show where it will be located, set out the system construction schedule, and show that the applicant will provide adequate channels, facilities and other support for public, educational and governmental use (including institutional network use) of the cable system.
   (3)   To be accepted for filing, not less than one original and two copies of an application must be submitted. All applications shall include the names and addresses of individuals authorized to act on behalf of the applicant with respect to the application.
   (4)   An applicant (and the transferor and transferee, in the case of a transfer) shall respond to any request for information from the city, by the time specified by the city.
   (c)   If the city finds that it is in the public interest to issue a franchise considering the factors above, and such other matters as it is required or entitled to consider, and subject to the applicant's entry into an appropriate franchise agreement, it shall issue a franchise. Prior to deciding whether or not to issue a franchise, the city may hold one or more public hearings or implement other procedures under which comments from the public on an application may be received.
   (d)   An application may be rejected if it is incomplete, or if the response to requests for information is not timely and complete. An applicant shall not be precluded from filing another application.
(Ord. 4636 § 16, 2000)