Section 3.07  CITY CLERK.
   The council shall appoint an officer of the city who shall have the title of city clerk. The city clerk shall coordinate with the city manager and shall give notice of council meetings to its members and to the public, shall keep the minutes of its proceedings, and perform such other duties as are assigned by this charter or by the council.
   3.071  Removal.  The council may remove the city clerk by majority vote of all of the councilmembers, by a resolution, which states the cause(s) for removal.
   3.072  Compensation.  The compensation of the city clerk shall be fixed by the council and shall not be reduced during the city clerk's period of employment except by the consent of the city clerk.
(Ord. 92-28, passed 9-17-92)  (Adopted by electorate 11-3-92)