Every proposed ordinance or resolution shall be introduced in the final written or printed form required for adoption. The enacting clause of ordinances shall recite: “Be it enacted by the city council of the city of Palm Bay, Brevard County, Florida.”  A proposed ordinance may be read by title, or in full, on at least two (2) separate days.
   A proposed ordinance may be amended at either reading. However, no ordinance shall be amended at the second or later reading so as to change its intent without a reading at least ten (10) days later. The council shall provide for public hearings or for the publication of notice concerning the subject matter of any proposed ordinance or amendment as provided by general law. Ordinances and resolutions shall become effective upon passage unless otherwise specified therein. Every ordinance or resolution shall, upon final passage, be authenticated by the mayor and the city clerk, and shall be recorded and published as the council shall prescribe.
   3.101  Emergency ordinances.  Notwithstanding the provisions of the foregoing sections, the council may enact emergency ordinances to meet serious public emergencies, as determined by the city council, affecting the general welfare, health or safety of the city or its inhabitants. An emergency ordinance shall be introduced in the form and manner prescribed for other ordinances except that it shall be plainly designated as emergency ordinance and the conditions constituting such emergency shall be stated therein. It may be adopted or rejected, with or without amendment, at the meeting at which introduced. Emergency ordinances shall expire thirty (30) days after enactment unless sooner specified therein.
(Ord. 92-28, passed 9-17-92)  (Adopted by electorate 11-3-92)